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Oregon Small Business Health Insurance

Oregon isn't just one of the only states that boasts a coastline and a mountain range, it is one of the only states that can truly represent America in relation to health care costs. Between 1980-2000, health care expense increased by 8.7%, the same increase that the country as a whole averaged.

Small businesses, representing 90% of Oregon's commerce, bore the brunt of this increase, and health insurance has since been increasingly more difficult to obtain. Fortunately, state legislation has stepped in with the advent of the HSA. In addition, insurance carriers are hard at work, providing small employers decent health insurance options, in accordance with the state's insurance regulations.

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Featured Oregon Small Business Health Insurance Providers

If you are looking for information on Individual or Family Plans in Oregon, products are available from the following:

  • Health Net of Oregon

  • Kaiser Permanente of Oregon

  • LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon

  • PacifiCare of Oregon

  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon


Oregon’s Small Business Health Insurance Regulations

  • Guaranteed issue and renewability is in effect; insurance carriers must offer employers of 2-50 workers the same health plans they offer other small businesses, and cannot cancel a plan due to the health status of a group member. In order to be eligible for coverage, employees must work a minimum of 17.5 hours a week.

  • Insurance carriers have to offer small business employees access to a standardized plan. Non-standard plans are also available.

  • Carriers covering small businesses can vary group premiums due to health status, age, risk and family size, but only by a limited percentage, and only with companies that have more than 25 employees. Pre-existing exclusion conditions may be in effect for up to six months prior to coverage.

  • The self-employed worker cannot enroll in a group plan. Those who enroll in an individual policy can deduct 100% of the cost of their premiums on their federal return.

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